for A
Better Humanity
May/June 2017

1st Quarter
*Started newsletter in second quarter.*

2nd Quarter; Volume 1:Issue 1
"Philosophy of the Pearl"

3rd Quarter; Volume 1:Issue 2
"Restoring Health Wholistically"

4th Quarter; Volume 1:Issue 3
"Olive Leaf Extract"

1st Quarter; Volume 2:Issue 1
"Life Giving Fluid-Water"

2nd Quarter;Volume 2:Issue 2
"The Community of Bees"

Ramadan 2005;Volume 2:Issue 3
Ramadan Issue

4th Quarter; Volume 2:Issue 4
"Drug Traces Found in Water -  
Manifestation of Human Misguidance"

1st Quarter; Volume 3:Issue 1
"Dangers of Pharmaceutical Pain

2nd Quarter; Volume 3:Issue 2
"Children's Health"

3rd Quarter; Volume 3:Issue 3
"Heart Health"

4th Quarter; Volume 3:Issue 4
"Lung Health"

1st Quarter; Volume 4:Issue 1
"Kidney Health"

2nd Quarter; Volume 4:Issue 2
"Cancer Causes and Cures"

3rd Quarter; Volume 4:Issue 3
"Organ Transplants"

Ramadan 2007; Volume 4:Issue 4
Ramadan Edition

4th Quarter; Volume 4:Issue 5
"Skeletal Integrity"

1st Quarter; Volume 5:Issue 1
"Honey A Food and A Medicine"

2nd Quarter; Volume 5:Issue 2
"Water Crisis"

3rd Quarter; Volume 5:Issue 3
"The Green Movement"

Ramadan 2008;Volume 5:Issue 4
Ramadan Edition  

4th Quarter; Volume 5:Issue 5

1st Quarter; Volume 6:Issue 1
"Women's Health"

2nd Quarter; Volume 6:Issue 2
"Back To Natural"

Ramadan 2009; Volume 6:Issue 3
"Ramadan Edition"

3rd Quarter; Volume 6:Issue 4
"Emotional Aspects of Healing"

4th Quarter ;Volume 6:Issue 5
"The New Swine Flu"

1st Quarter; Volume 7:Issue 1
"Cyclical Cleansing"

2nd Quarter; Volume 7:Issue 2
"High Tech Tests"

3rd Quarter; Volume 7:Issue 3
"The Blessed Earth"

Ramadan 2010; Volume 7:Issue 4
"Ramadan Edition"

4th Quarter; Volume 7:Issue 5
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"Associate yourself with men of
good quality, if you esteem
your own reputation; for it is
better to be alone than
in bad company."
56th, -George Washington's,
Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour
In Company and Conversation-

Ramadan 2011; Volume 8:Issue 1
"Ramadan Edition"
Dear Subscribers and Readers;

Thanks to all of you who have been there since year one, to
all who became subscribers since, and those of you who
found us and have read through our archives.  We have
been blessed to keep this going for seven/eight years.

Keep the faith and God bless!   

Ayanna and Jeanette
February 2011
We are not accepting new subscriptions to the
Wholistic Health Newsletter

Ramadan 2012; Volume 9:Issue 1
"Ramadan Edition"
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