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May/June 2017
Variations on the
by Jenny L'Amour

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MAMA DUCK RHYMES-Variations on the Themes was written says the
, “For those people who remember the Mother Goose Rhymes
and might enjoy a different look.”
"Associate yourself with men of
good quality, if you esteem
your own reputation; for it is
better to be alone than
in bad company."
56th, -George Washington's,
Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour
In Company and Conversation-
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Nuurah Muhammad, MA Ed., a former teacher and administrator with over
forty years of education experience, had the following to say after reading
this book:
"In MAMA DUCK, one finds Mary's lamb is not just something
cute to read about, but something that piques the appetite, leaving a
hearty laugh. .... Here instead of leaving the reader hanging as to the
meaning of a rhyme, she relates the rhymes to the need for food,
clothing, shelter, protection, and recreation."

"I love Mama Duck Rhymes.  Thank you."
-S. Arthur-

"We enjoyed the rhymes and the illustrations."
-St. Louis-

"The lessons in the rhymes are incorporated well.  I think the artist
provides portrayals that are just right.

"These rhymes put a new twist on the old sometimes boring rhymes."
-T. Black, Kansas City-
19 pages with Ilustrations by
Dr. Dawn X. Henderson.
A professor at
Winston-Salem State
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