for A
Better Humanity
Jan/Feb/Mar 2018
by Jeanette Hablullah, N.D.
-160 pages-
Reg $9.95
by Majid Mohiuddin
-82 pages-
19 pages of original watercolor art.

Reg $12.00
The Magnificent Organ-The Heart of Quran, Hadith, Science,
and Wholistic Healing Experiences
is a book that provides eye
opening perspectives of the heart and brain that many have never
considered. This book has seven chapters that are an interesting read.

Chapters One and Two set the stage by giving the fundamental
theoretical information about the link between the heart and brain.
There are references from the Quran and Bible as well as researched
sources from the sciences to help the reader understand what
happens when we fail to balance between the aggressive brain and
the calm, gentle heart.

This book is a long awaited addition to the bookshelves of both
Muslims and non-Muslims with some very thought provoking ideas on
how we see ourselves - beyond our physical bodies.
-Khadija Haffajee-
AN AUDIENCE OF ONE is a masterful collection of poems that
brings the beauty of traditional Islamic Ghazals in English to a
modern audience.  There are a total of nine ghazals in this book.  
Five of the ghazals are named after a salaat (prayer) that the
Muslims performs as part of their obligatory duties.  One of the
ghazals is named after a voluntary salaat that the Muslim performs.
On all the things
that make
me beautiful
by Nadirah Angail
-130 pages-

Reg $12.95
On all the things that make me beautiful-is a quick and
easy read, packed with gems that will certainly have a
positive effect on you and your outlook on life.  This book is
a compilation of blog-style essays that focus on many of the
issues women face on a daily basis; Self esteem, body
image, friendships, health, and popular music.
"I do not "follow my passion".
I bring it with me.  I believe that
any job can be done with
passion and enthusiasm."
- Mike Rowe -
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