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Better Humanity
Jan/Feb/Mar 2018
Olive Media Services is a small publishing company started in
2000 by a mother and daughter team as an alternative publishing
source for the creative works of writers.  Our focus is desktop
publishing, book design and publishing, and a source for those
who seek art and poetry.

Jeanette Habullah, N.D. is a Naturopathic Doctor who spends her
days assisting those who choose alternative medicines for their
well being. Dr. Hablullah is an alumna of the University of
Missouri.  Dr. Hablullah received her Doctor of Naturopathy
degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing.  She is the
director of The Pearl Within.  Dr. Hablullah is a Naturopahic Doctor
and educator who provides valuable seminars and lectures on
Islam and Wholistic Health.  

Dr. Hablullah is the mother of five and grandmother of seven
children.  She is the author the book The Magnificent Organ. Dr
Hablullah is the author of many articles in the quarterly
Wholisitic Health Newsletter

Ayanna Miranda, E.I. is a Regulatory and Compliance Engineer.
She is the mother of one.  Ms. Miranda is an alumna of the
University of Missouri and a student of life.  She is the recruiter of
the talent that you will see, hear, and read, Insha Allah (God
willing), through Olive Media Services.
"I do not "follow my passion". I
bring it with me.  I believe that
any job can be done with
passion and enthusiasm."
- Mike Rowe -
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